My Mother’s Day Treat – 1893, Bas-Armagnac Delord X.O.


First let me state, I am a novice when it comes to spirits. However, my years of tasting has matured my palate and with the assistance and knowledge from my husband, I am capable of identifying a good spirit when I come across one.

Folks, I have been presented with one; 1893 Bas-Armagnac Delord X.O. is an OUTSTANDING cognac!


For mother’s day, my wonderful husband and mother-in-law gifted me with a bottle of a French cognac, Bas-Armagnac Delord X.O. FYI,  Armagnac is a grape brandy from the Gastony region of southwestern France.


After chipping away the melted plastic from around the mouth, it made me wonder “Goodness, was this cognac sealed in 1893?!”

We popped the cork and was greeted with bold aromas bold fall spices of vanilla, clove, cinnamon, caramel with cedar & Oak. We’re reminded of the butterscotch candies.

Bas-Armagnac Delord X.O has a beautiful blood orange color.

OMGGG! Smooth, creamy vanilla with touches caramel flavors with just enough heat.


After ten days of cloudy weather, the sun has broke through on this Friday 13th and the air is filled with the cognac aromas. This has turned out to be a beautiful Friday the 13th, which has always been a day of good luck :).



Today, Bas-Armagnac is paired with Oscar and Felicia cigars and great Latin Jazz. With the cigars’ saddle wood and soft spice aromas, the cognac, the music and warm spring breeze, we have escaped to Paradise.

I respect history and when you’re consuming a spirit or wine that dates back to 1893, it is important to know its origin.


The Armagnac Delord story dates back to four generations that begin in 1893.

In 1893, Prosper Delord, a distiller and cellar master, travelled with his alambic (yes, I had to research alambic, which is a vessel with a beaked cap that was formerly used in distilling) to farms, converting white wine into Armagnac.

NOTE. Alambic Distillation is an ancient technique that date backs to the Chinese 3000 years BC. For historical information on Alambic Distillation visit

In 1932, Prosper’s sons, Gaston and Georges created the “Armagnac house Delord Freres” in Lannepax. Being producers, distillers and traders and sold their Bas-Armagnacs from Gascony, France to the United States.

From 1963, Gaston’s sons continue the Armagnac adventure and run the family business.

The House of Deloard’s vineyard is located in the village of Lannepax and is 42 hectares, which is equivalent to approximately 104 acres of land. It is comprised of four traditional Armagnac grape varieties: Ugni Blanc 56%, Colombard 24%, Baco 14% and Folle-Blanche 6%.

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Thank You My Wonderful Husband and Mama Monique!

Salute! Sante!