Braille on the Label: A Chapoutier Pioneering Moment

Braille on the Label: A Chapoutier Pioneering Moment
Posted by JILL BARTH on MARCH 16, 2018


In early 2016, M. Chapoutier purchased Château des Ferrages, located in Provence between Aix-en-Provence and Saint-Maximin near the commune of Pourcieux. Ferrages produces Côtes-de-Provence AOP and Côtes-de-Provence Saint-Victoire AOP wines, including a portfolio of red, white, and rosé wines.

Rhone Vineyard, Rhone Valley, Rhone wine, French wine Chapoutier Croix de Bois – Châteauneuf du Pape Vineyard. Courtesy: M Chapoutier

I wrote about the acquisition for Provence WineZine, where I described Chapoutier as follows:

Chapoutier is a winemaking powerhouse known for biodynamique practices, a wide variety of wines, and unfailing attention to capturing terroir. Maison M. Chapoutier has made wine for over 200 years and now, under the direction of Michel Chapoutier, owns vineyards in France (in Alsace, Rhône Valley, and Roussillon), Portugal, and Australia and produces an extensive number of wines, particularly in the Rhône Valley. In the Rhône Valley, Chapoutier produces wine from over 20 AOPs, spanning from the acclaimed Côte-Rotie in the…

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