Yup, I’m talking about Beer! Corcoran Brewery, Purcellville, VA

14971886_10208335071190755_904186781_nThis is my first beer blog. I will preference that this beer tasting was conducted last year. My husband and I appreciate craft beer; well he is more of a beer connoisseur than I. Since we find ourselves partaking in beer tasting, often, it is fitting that the blogging includes beers.  My first official beer tasting was at Corcoran Brewery:

Corey’s Irish Red A malty ale brewed with crystal malts with a hint of roasted barley flavors. We are told that U.K. North down hops give this ale a bit of the old country flavors.

Loco – LoCo American Style India Pale Ale (West coast style IPA) – medium bodied with lots of America hop. 

Slainte Stout – smoky, molasses and coffee aromas; coffee bean and beef jerky flavors with a smooth, long and woodsy finish. VERY NICE! Perfect beer for the 50 degree weather and the husband shared that this beer will definitely stand up to Canada’s cold weather. 

Paeonian Porter –chocolate aromas; does not have a big bouquet like the Slainte.
Light oaky and creamy flavors with hint of vanilla. VERY SMOOTH! Easy to sip. 

Paeonian Porter (Port Barrel Aged)Oak, light typical sweet port (cherries) aromas. My husband said Paeonian taste like Pepsi and it reminds me of soda without the carbonation with a hint of wine and has a light tannic finish.
Aged in port barrels for 7 months. 

Catocin Ale (Ka-toc-tin) – dark rich caramel/cognac color with a creamy thick head; butterscotch aromas, which also has soft butterscotch flavors; a light beer. The husband: “This brings me back home” (FYI home is Canada) :).

Corcoran Brewing is located in Purcellville ,Virginia and they ventured
into the craft beer industry in 2011. Corcoran Brewery produces over thirty-three craft beers. They have twelve beers on tap ranging from Kolch style, American Pale
Ales, IPA’s, Imperial IPA’s, Stouts, Bourbon barrel aged, port barrel aged
and much more!

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Even though it has been a long while since we visited Corcoran Brewery, the
beers are still available. Attached is a complete beer listing, Corcoran Beer Menu.


Aaah, found a little wine “nugget”; since 2004, Corcoran is not only known for their craft beers, they produce award winning wines.

I noticed that I like my beer the same as I like my wine, rich and full of flavors!

Salute! Sante!