Justin Cabernet Sauvignon and its Many Accolades




When a wine makes your eyes close and your head sways and at that moment, it’s just you and the wine. You have just experience, what I refer to as “Wine Utopia”. Justin Cabernet Sauvignon has done just that! Right smack in the middle of Matchbox, Woodbridge, VA.


After 3 hours for shopping for a prom dress for the teen, I’m in dire need of a drink. I already have my mind set on a slice pepperoni pizza “Mark” style, which is served with bananas peppers. I hope it’s as delicious as Quattro Goombas brick oven pepperoni pizza with banana peppers.



To my surprise they list a “draft wine”. Curiosity has become me and I had to have a taste… ehhh too light.


Then my eyes set upon “Justin” Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon. I have been following Justin on Instagram and I now have the opportunity to finally taste a Justin wine. FOLKS, Justin’s Cabernet Sauvignon is DIVINE! Oh My Goodness, ripped black cherries and peppery fall aromas.

Maybe it’s shopping fatigue or my need of serenity. Call it what you may, Justin Cabernet Sauvignon is FRIGGIN FANTASTIC! So fantastic that I pulled out my phone to immediately record this experience.

Every sip of Justin is DELICIOUS and paired with the pizza is producing charcoal smoky flavors, MAGNIFICENT!!! 

Tasting notes from justinwine.com

“COLOR: Clear with a dark ruby purple core lightening at the rim.

AROMA: Aromatic with ripe black cherry, blackcurrant and berry fruit with vanilla, cinnamon and subtle dried fall leaf accents.

PALATE: Classic cabernet with moderate plus blackcurrant and cherry fruit and baking spice flavors on the entry. Sweet tobacco and savory herbal notes arrive on the mid palate, along with beautifully balanced tannins that provide a structure that supports the wine through its perfectly balanced, clean finish.

FOOD PAIRINGS: It would be hard to find a better go-to red wine to go with a wide range of red wine leaning foods like steak, lasagna or a wood fired pizza.”


Good to see that I made the perfect wine selection to pair with my Mark style pizza.

Then there was dessert. I will just say that the diner scene with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in “When Harry Met Sally” was recreated; YUP, ORGASMIC!



I can not wait to visit Matchbox again to find other delights.



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