Wine Wednesday – Coronas 2012 Tempranillo


After playing with “snap chat” filters and trying to record a video, which took at least a hour. The girls had mercy on their mother and finally showed how to properly operate snap chat and record a video. This is the end product when you attempt to use the latest social media craze as your children. ROFL


I was so determined in becoming familiar with “snap chat” that my wine glass had already reached my lips and I was swallowing. DANG IT! I wanted to record a proper tasting. Well, based upon my initial response Coronas 2012 Tempranillo is DELICIOUS!

Slowly, I take a second sip. Mmmmm with every sip, a different expression escapes: (1) This Tempranillo is FANTASTIC! (2) OH MY GOODNESS! (3) So Juicy!

IMG_0199Okay, half of my glass is empty, it’s time to conduct a formal review. Paper and pencil are out (yes, I prefer writing with a pencil than a pen). Coronas 2012 Tempranillo is produced in Catalunya, Spain and posses bold fruity cherry aromas, fruit-forward, juicy, and berries flavors with a slight smokiness on the finish and long firm tannins. Twenty minutes later, I’m picking-up herbaceous aromas. Very nice complex wine! This spontaneous grocery shopping find has me intrigued.

The Torres family has been producing wine and brandy since 1907. Mr. Juan Torres trademarked Coronas on February 7, 1907. In 1928, the Torres family began wine distillation and aging brandy. In 1939, the winery was partially destroyed during the Spanish Civil War and reconstruction began a few years later. From 1996 to 1970, the family planted Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes. I have to note, the Torres Family’s brandy was also becoming well-renowned and in1998, “Torres 20 Hors d’Age” brandy won the “Best Brandy in the World”. From 2000 to 2001, Wine Spectator labeled Bodegas Torres “The Most Important Winery in Spain” and was the only Spanish wine identified in the “Hall of Fame”. Fast-forwarding, Mr. Miguel Torres received the “Lifetime Achievement award by the International Wine Challenge (UK).

Bodegas Torres continues to receives awards and accolades throughout the years. For more information on the Torres Family’s wine and brandy visit:

I predict there will be a large purchase of Coronas 2012 Tempranillo in the future. Most definitely need to get a taste of that award-winning Brandy. It’s time for a refill.

Salute! Sante’!