Chrysalis Vineyards & The Norton Story


What better time to return to wine blogging then on the first day of launching our website, Amoxes and I created TAPassions to share our passion for art, wine and cigars. Our purpose is to unite, promote and share with the public the love and passion we hold for these topics.

The last time I posted a wine blog on was February 2015. I shared that I was working on several projects. The projects were the private publishing of my Love Letters book (158 pages), which was a surprise wedding gift to my husband Amoxes, at the same time planning a destination wedding in Montreal, Canada. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE! Thank goodness, I had a fiancé who was very involved in all the wedding planning. The second, third and fourth projects were getting married, creating a wedding book-story (114 pages) for our parents and self and developing the website.

Even though, I was not wine blogging, if you followed me, “Treevinos” on Instagram and/or Twitter, I still found time to sip, puff and write (once I got rid of the writer’s block that was an result of exhaustion). Therefore, many of the upcoming wine and cigar blogs will be a mix from the past and present.

In celebrating the launching of, we are having a bottle of Chrysalis Vineyards 2011 Norton Estate. Oooh, this 2011 Norton Estate has aged deliciously; ink-like color with hues of garnet, a thick texture, aromas of molasses and spice, and rich fruit and earthy flavors-YUM. The 2011 Norton Estate reminds me of Chrysalis’s Schitz & Giggles; another FANTASTIC fall/winter wine. I LOVE NORTON! A BOLD MASCULINE wine, rich in flavor!

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In my past life, as an employee of Chrysalis Vineyards, I enjoyed sharing the Norton story. If you heard the story before, skip to the end and if you have not heard the story, enjoy:

The Norton grape was named after Dr. Daniel Norton who was from Richmond, Virginia (VA). The Norton grape was very popular and won many awards. However, due to Civil War and Prohibition times, the grapes vines were pulled and burn and the wine was used for sacramental purposes only.

In the 1990’s, Dennis Horton, owner of Horton Vineyards, VA brought the Norton grape to VA and introduced Norton to Jenni McCloud, proprietor of Chrysalis Vineyards. Jenni who is passionate about Norton, reintroduced the Norton grape to the wine industry to acquire its due prestige title again.

You can find the Norton grape in Missouri, but under the name of Cynthiana. The Norton grape is similar to the Concord grape; it has a thick skin and jammy and fruity flavors. The unique thing about the Norton grape is the color of juice. The juice of the Norton grape (a Vitis aestivalis) is red versus clear from your typical grapes (Vitis vinifera) that produces red wines, such as Bordeaux’s.

Chrysalis Vineyards Norton Estate and Locksley Reserve, which is my ultimate favorite, has won many awards. Chrysalis Vineyard has the largest plantings of Norton in the world.

If you get an opportunity, you have to taste Chrysalis Vineyards Sarah’s Patio Red (another story I enjoyed sharing with customers. I will save that story for another time):). Sarah’s Patio Red is 100% percent Norton; a red wine made like a white wine with cherry and jammy flavors. Sarah’s Patio Red makes a tasty Sangria and moist chewy brownies (instead of water, use Sarah Patio Red ;). I refer to Sarah’s Patio Red as the red wine for beginners and beer lovers.

Chrysalis Norton Estate pairs well with a steak, hearty stew, chili or just because:).

If you enjoy a bold, earthy, spicy and/or jammy wine, try Chrysalis’s Norton wines. Also, you have to try the Norton jelly, c’est tres bon!

Chrysalis Vineyards
The Ag District Center
39025 John Mosby Highway (U.S. Highway 50)
Middleburg, Virginia 20117

Aaah, it feels good to be back! Stay tuned to