Distasteful Wine = Wine Slushies


I do not like talking bad about a wine, so I decided to use the term “I’m not able to appreciate the wine at this moment”. However, there comes a time when a wine is not good. It is not about not being able to appreciate a wine or your pallet is not mature enough. Do not make excuses for wines that are not good for consumption. Yes, you can call me a wine snob and I will nod in agreement. However, I try very hard to appreciate all wines.

Unfortunately, I am having one of those wines this evening. After a very stressful day and working 11 hours on a Friday, I am too tired to go to the store or the Vineyard to pick up some wine. My palate is rejecting every sip, body is physically cringing, trying to shake off the distasteful flavors.


Crazy enough, I was told the wine won many awards, a Governor’s cup, with that being said you know that I am referring to a Virginia wine. GOODNESS! What other wines were in the competition?! The wine does have a beautiful color and the label is nice. This is the second bottle I have tasted (not this evening ūüôā ) and the experience is the same, UGH!¬†I should have selected another wine. But, I thought it was just a bad bottle; maybe it’s two bad bottles? ¬†I will not reveal the winery because Mama always said (in her southern accent), “If you don’t have nothing nice to say, then don’t say nothing at all.” ¬†Time to¬†head downstairs and select another wine.¬†

Folks, life is too precious and ¬†time is too valuable to waste on drinking BAD wine.¬†I need to remember my mantra: “Amore Vita (love life)”. Loving life does not mean wasting your time drinking nasty wine. ¬†Better yet, turn a bad situation into¬†something good and make wine slushies or wine popiscles. ¬†Here are a couple recipes:

Blackberry Wine Popsicles from Real Simple 


courtesy of Pastryaffair.com


Wine Slushies by Woman’s Day¬†


courtesy of purewow.com