Mariana Vineyard – 2011 Sauvignon Blanc Paso Robles – A Wine Worth Writing About


We are relaxing after a very busy work weekend, watching “Regarding Henry” and enjoying our Digiorno (must be spoken with an accent 🙂 ) and salad.

Watching this movie, it is difficult not to reflect on your life and how important it is to appreciate the good things life has to offer. Henry (played by Harrison Ford) was shot and went into a coma. He had to learn how to speak and read and his first word was “Ritz”. His caretakers thought he loved Ritz crackers; he even painted a picture of Ritz crackers. Later we find out that Ritz was the memory of the “Ritz Carlton”, where he met his mistress. WOWZER! That sucks! Come out a coma and your first memory is of your mistress, not even your child. :/




To ensure we are enjoying the good things life has to offer, I found this beauty at the bottom of the wine cooler.

I wasn’t going to do a wine review until I took my third sip. After the chill has subsided, I was hit with an explosion of lemon and grapefruit flavors and the words “GOT DAMN THIS IS DELICIOUS!” escaped my lips. A wine that makes me curse is a wine worth writing about.

Mariana Vineyard 2011 Sauvignon Blanc Paso Robles posses true Sauvignon Blanc characteristics of delicious citrusy flavors of lemon and pink grapefruit; this California Sauvignon Blanc reminds me of a Sauvignon Blanc produced in New Zealand. Mmmm… I love Sauvignon Blanc! 

What is amazing the wine has aged for 5 years and upheld very well! I recall purchasing the wine through a Groupon, which I typically evade. But it could not pass up a deal of $40 for 6 bottles; it was worth the risk.

A great way to end a busy work week and weekend! Now, time to find more Mariana Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc. Unfortunately, my researched revealed Mariana Vineyard wines are only available through “Wine Shop At Home”.