That’s MurLarkey! MurLarkey Distilled Spirits and Cigar Tasting 


“That’s MurLarkey!”


This blog is way overdue. Even though our visit to MurLarkey Distilled Spirits, LLC occurred late last year, the experience is still worth writing about. I will add that this was my first spirit tasting and I’m too excited. I’m going to jump straight to my rating. My overall rating is MurLarkey Distilled Spirits, LLC, Bristow, VA is FANTASTIC and a MUST VISIT and here’s why:


Two Irish-American cousins, friends and professionals utilized their knowledge, skills and heritage and turned a dream, a concept, into a legacy and created a Certified Craft Distillery.

Paying homage to their Irish heritage, the name Murlarkey was derived from cousins, Murray and Larken incorporating their maternal grandparents names: Murray, Larking and Kelly. They realized the family names (Mur-Lar-Key) resembled the Irish word “malarkey”, which means fun; thus Murlarkey was established.

MurLarkey vodka is distilled 16 times and “polished” for 24 hours over activated carbon of for the smoothest finish. Each of our flavored whiskeys are slow infused with all natural fruit and spices in white oak barrels for weeks at a time. Our gin is a proprietary recipe of 12 unique, all natural botanicals, culminating in a spirit that appeals to non gin drinkers.”

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Divine Clarity – Pure potato vodka, natural and gluten-free, smooth, and soft; adding one ice cube opens the vodka. I am not a vodka drinker, but this is pleasant. We were made a mixer of Clarity and ginger beer with lime – VERY TASTY!

JusticeOur Ultimate Favorite! white whiskey with a blend of Virginia corn and barley. Clean, soft, nutty with a grassy finish. Great on the rocks, which created salty margarita aromas and subtle nutty flavors.

Clemoncy – a whiskey that is poured over lemon peels and left to infuse in white oak barrels. Clemoncy mixed with Simple Lemonade makes a refreshing adult lemonade, perfect for a brunch or wedding cocktail. Reminds me of gin with a hint of lemon.

Cincerity“Fall in a Glass”, is whiskey infused with cinnamon sticks; possessing vanilla aromas and explosions of apple, cinnamon and fall spices. This, by far, is NOT “Fireball”. VERY NICE SURPRISE!

* We were served a Cinnamule made with Cincerity, DELICIOUS!
* Cincerity with cream soda tasted like I bit into a “Cinnabon” with a hint of vanilla. OH MY GOODNESS!

Imagination – An all natural and gluten-free premium gin. A blend of 12 fresh cut natural botanical that can be drank as an aperitif, on the rocks or in a mixer. I do not like the taste of gin, but Murlarkey’s Gin was tasty!  


MurLarkey Spirits Recipes




We purchased the Justice and Cincerity; now time to pair with some cigars.


Tobaccology Mysterious Cigar and Justice was okay.  I had difficulty getting pass the taste of having a cigar with a margarita. Definitely need to pair Justice with another cigar. 

Joya de Nicaguara Black – the Cincerity enhance and compliment the spice, cedar and earthy flavors in the Joya Black. Overall: a nice pair that offers a BOLD experience.

Perdomo Vintage aged 12 years-2004 aged tobacco aged in Blanton barrels and Cincerity created a smooth and soft pairing, gentle on the palate while still offering a complex combination. VERY NICE!

Alec Brady Post Embargo and Cincerity – We have found the PERFECT cigar pairing for this whiskey. The blend of the two enhances the flavors producing a smooth flavorful combination. We recommend having Cincerity on the rocks. FANTASTIC PAIR!

I do not know if it is the time of year, but our favorite has shifted from the Justice to Cincerity. 

Below is a commission by my husband, Amoxes; a gift to Murlarkey Distillery Spirits, LLC.  


Commission by Amoxes – MurLarkey’s Brutality

Grab a smoke and have your own spirit and cigar tasting!

6710 Madison Street, Haymarket, Virginia 20169 and

11001 Nokesville Road, Manassas, VA

MurLarkey Distillery and Tasting Room
7961 Gainsford Court
Bristow, VA 20136


I’m Back! Stay Tuned!


#growingouteyebrows 🙂

It has been a very long time since I posted a blog and it feels good!  I will let you know my hiatus was not due to no content; merely, “life” (career, health, high school senior activities, graduation parties and college tours and prep) consumed all my energy.  The thought of sitting at a computer created more stress. So, I sip and wrote. 🙂 .  

Stay tune for interesting articles and more audio and video blogging. 




Ghost Pines – Red, Black and Blue Berries Galore!

At First Taste

I’m so impressed by Ghost Pines Red Blend! A last minute wine selection turned to a wonderful surprise. We are greeted with BOLD aromas of strawberries that my husband and I in unison said, “Do you smell that, wild strawberries?!”

Eyes bright and head nodding in agreement, acknowledging this wine is good. Fruit-forward and juicy berry flavors. No disrespect to the wine, we are force to drink the wine out of plastic cups. Goodness, I can only imagine the flavors that will emerge if were sipping from a wine glass.


A Proper Tasting

Yes, we had to see if Ghost Pines Red Blend held up to its initial “hype” and I am here to say, YES INDEED!

Ghost Pines Red Blend is a delicious fruit-forward red wine, filled with fruity blackberry and blueberry flavors with hints of spice. The only other wine I have tasted that delivered blueberry flavors was “Carnivore”. I was in the middle of SAQ in Montreal, Canada and was blown away. Well Ghost Pines Red Blend you have done it; I am blown away! A GREAT TARGET FIND!

Ghost Pines Red Blend is produced by Louis M. Martini family, who has been producing wine since the 1960’s. Ghost Pines is named after the 178 acres vineyard in Napa Valley and for the grey pines that “loom” the Northern California hillsides.

Ghost Pines Red Blend consist of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Pinot Syrah and Primitivo (isn’t this same as Zinfandel) from multiple wine producing counties, such as Sonoma County, Lake County and Napa County and aged nine months in oak to create toast, vanilla and cola flavors.

For more information view  Ghost Pines Red Blend Winemaker Notes at .

As you can see, Ghost Pines wines are readily available in Northern Virginia. WOWZER!



Average cost: $18.00


Mariana Vineyard – 2011 Sauvignon Blanc Paso Robles – A Wine Worth Writing About


We are relaxing after a very busy work weekend, watching “Regarding Henry” and enjoying our Digiorno (must be spoken with an accent 🙂 ) and salad.

Watching this movie, it is difficult not to reflect on your life and how important it is to appreciate the good things life has to offer. Henry (played by Harrison Ford) was shot and went into a coma. He had to learn how to speak and read and his first word was “Ritz”. His caretakers thought he loved Ritz crackers; he even painted a picture of Ritz crackers. Later we find out that Ritz was the memory of the “Ritz Carlton”, where he met his mistress. WOWZER! That sucks! Come out a coma and your first memory is of your mistress, not even your child. :/




To ensure we are enjoying the good things life has to offer, I found this beauty at the bottom of the wine cooler.

I wasn’t going to do a wine review until I took my third sip. After the chill has subsided, I was hit with an explosion of lemon and grapefruit flavors and the words “GOT DAMN THIS IS DELICIOUS!” escaped my lips. A wine that makes me curse is a wine worth writing about.

Mariana Vineyard 2011 Sauvignon Blanc Paso Robles posses true Sauvignon Blanc characteristics of delicious citrusy flavors of lemon and pink grapefruit; this California Sauvignon Blanc reminds me of a Sauvignon Blanc produced in New Zealand. Mmmm… I love Sauvignon Blanc! 

What is amazing the wine has aged for 5 years and upheld very well! I recall purchasing the wine through a Groupon, which I typically evade. But it could not pass up a deal of $40 for 6 bottles; it was worth the risk.

A great way to end a busy work week and weekend! Now, time to find more Mariana Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc. Unfortunately, my researched revealed Mariana Vineyard wines are only available through “Wine Shop At Home”.


2012 “Frenchie”, Benjamin Franklin Red Wine – Not Just for Dog Lovers!

14798848_10208066560678160_1247250745_nI am so impressed with how my girlfriend’s appreciation for wine has progressed. I remember when she would only drink Glen Ellen White Zinfandel. (Yes, I’m sure many of us can relate; in the beginning, White Zinfandel was our wine of choice. Shoot, at one time, I recall when White Zinfandel was the number consumed wine). Over time she has come to appreciate light to medium-bodied red wines. The full-bodied tannic red wines are still not her cup of tea, but in due time :).

On her travel to California, she visited Frenchie Winery at Raymond Vineyards and brought me back a bottle of 2012 “Frenchie”, Benjamin Franklin red wine blend. The wine label TOO CUTE!

AROMAS: Bold fruity aromas with hints of cocoa and a slight spice/black pepper.
TASTE: Big juicy flavors that reminds me of a Zinfandel, full-bodied ripe cherries.  
COMPOSITION: 46% Merlot, 32% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Petit Verdot and 9% Petit Syrah.

“Frenchie” is not available to the public, only available to wine club members. It was explained that the tasting was held in beautifully lush red/cranberry private room with cranberry colored drapes that hung from the ceiling. The tasting room setting made you feel like you were in another era of time.

What is so fantastic that she had a wonderful experience and is intrigued to try other red wines. Two-thumbs up for Frenchie Winery!!

For more information on Frenchie Winery at Raymond Vineyards visit:

Frenchie Winery (at Raymond Vineyards)
849 Zinfandel Lane
Saint Helena, CA 94574

Salute! Sante!

2014 Halos de Jupiter, Cotes du Rhone

Your Everyday Drinking Wine

I’m at Total Wines to pick-up a bottle of wine for a friend. My radar goes off and I spot a wine tasting. I do not know about you, but I can not pass-by a wine tasting.

I’m purchasing a wine for a friend, whose wine consumption consist only of Ménage à Trois. No disrespect intended, but to assist in broadening her wine experience, I’ve been introducing her to different vineyards and varieties.

Since she prefers red wine, I do not bother tasting the whites. The first of the two red wines is a 2013 Halos de Jupiter, Cotes du Rhone. A fruit-forward medium-bodied red wine, PERFECT! Well, it would have been perfect if they had the 2013 Jupiter in stock :/. I was assured the 2014 Jupiter was “just as good” (by the way, the sales clerk continued to pour the 2013 and no, I was not able to taste the 2014). So of course, I had to also purchase the 2014 Jupiter for myself; I can not gift a wine without knowing if the wine is any good (poor me :)).


2014 Halos de Jupiter, Cotes du Rhone posses a deep rich color with fruity, cherry and spicy aromas; fruit-forward, juicy cherry, raspberries flavors and a mild spice on the finish. A medium-bodied red wine blend with complexity. The 2014 Halos de Jupiter is 83% Grenache and 15% Syrah – VERY NICE!

Exactly what I had in mind, a good everyday drinking wine. YUP, the sale clerk was correct, the 2014 Jupiter is “just as good” as the 2013 Jupiter!

Food pairing: red and white meats: roasted chicken, pork, veal, and duck
Cost: $16.00






For the past few days, I have been under the weather. I do not know if it was due too excessive heat. Regardless, my bug has passed and I see a bottle in the refrigerator with a red label, which I recall purchasing (Intrinsic) from Total Wines.

“Hmmmm, let me see if this 2014 Intrinsic is still good before I open up this bottle of Horton Norton, which I have not had in years”. It appears that only a glass was previously consumed. I am greeted with a burst of fruity aromas and the color is rich and dark. I begin to salivate and the glass  is immediately brought to my lips, without sniffing. I know this is big no-no, but the urge to taste was too powerful-took over my senses and OH MY GOODNESS! THIS IS FANTASTIC!

I want to mentioned, to take the chill off, I waited approximately 30 minutes before tasting the wine. AGAIN, OH MY GOODNESS! (still sipping). I do not if the wine is as delicious as I am experiencing because I had a strong desire for a glass of wine..NO, this is not the case; Intrinsic is DELICIOUS! Intrinsic is AMAZING! I can not wait to taste this wine when it has not been sitting for days.

Intrinsic is fruit-forward with cherry and blackberries flavors. A perfect example of what a full-bodied red wine should possess. Intrinsic immediately reminds me of Orin Swift’s Palermo, The Prisoner, and Papillon wines. How the wines possess character, complexity and a magnitude of flavors. When your brain is flooded with senses that it can not catch-up to what you are tasting. Your hands are unable to transcribe every scent and flavor that is gracing your palate. So you sip and write, sip and write and sip and write, which I am doing write now.

Intrinsic is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and ten percent of wine is fermented in concrete tanks producing an amazing complex wine with soft mineral notes.


Intrinsic went very well with Tobaccology, Haymarket, VA mystery cigar 

On top of this magnificent wine, the wine label, titled “The Lady in Red” is beautiful piece of art created by New York City, artist “ZIMER”. If you look closely at the wine label, the artist’s name appear in the gown.

Intrinsic made such an impression that I had to include the wine in a private tasting I was conducting (Treevinos – Up Close and Personal). Intrinsic was a HUGE success with the ladies; so much the next day, the host purchased two bottles and gave me one as a thank you gift. 🙂



Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast – 92 points
Total Wine (Virginia) – $23 (YUP, this is not a typo!)

visit Intrinsic Wine Co for information.

Salute! Sante!

VINOTERRA 2014 Rkatsiteli


A Georgian Orange Wine

I can not tell you how excited I am right now. So excited that I spilled a glass of wine, ORANGE WINE at that; trying to capture a picture. :/


Finally got my hands on a bottle of Georgian Orange Wine from my local Total Wines. Before I even share the vineyard information, I have to tell that I have NEVER EVER SMELLED ANYTHING LIKE Vinoterra 2014 Rkatsiteli – AMAZING!

As soon as I popped the cork, I am greeted with vibrant aromas that reminds me of a port, a liqueur; there’s honey and hints of licorice, not black licorice. The alcohol content appears to be high, but the bottle states it’s only 13%. The color is Orange, this is far from a Rose with hues of orange; this wine is Orange with Amber hues.

For some reason, I’m smiling, “I’m about to try my first authentic orange wine!” An orange wine fermented in clay vessels. I invite you to read my blog on “The Legendary Mr. David A. Harvey – ORIGINS OF MODERN USAGE OF ORANGE WINE“.

My palate is salivating; let’s begin!

Ok, a light-bodied, earthy, refreshing with a slight mineral and sweet tart flavors on the finish and soft tannins that slowly building then gracefully dissipates. Vinoterra Rkatsiteli your vibrant aromas and complex flavors have me intrigued – VERY TASTY!


Folks, an orange wine is far from a Rose. My blog “Orange Wine? that identifies Chrysalis Tximeleta as an orange wine NOT! Just a delicious Rose with light hues. 🙂

Vinoterra, you are my first and only, thus far, and you are GOOOD ; and no wonder….!

Vinoterra: A Leader in Qvevri Wine Making
Vinoterra is a Schuchmann Wine brand that is Georgia’s largest Qvevri wine producer. All Vinoterra wines utilize Qveveri, large clay jars buried underneath the ground, for fermentation maceration and aging. Started by famous Georgian wine Maker Gogi Dakishvili Vinoterra was one of the first commercial producers of Georgian qvevri wine on the international stage and has helped revive the industry. Since 2003 Vinoterra has been producing some of the highest quality and most appealing Georgian qvevri wines. Vinoterra’s whites are Amber or “Orange” wines since they all see close to 6 months of skin contact. Vinoterra produces three dry whites: Vinoterra Rkatsiteli, Vinoterra Mtsvane and Vinoterra Kisi. They also produce reds such as the Vinoterra Saperavi.

Wine & Spirits Magazine, 2011

The Vinoterra Rkatsiteli is a perfect intro into Georgian Amber qvevri wines. Vinoterra is now the largest qvevri producer after starting out as a family project in 2003. Wine Maker Gogi Dakishvili crafts this all natural wine with the western pallet in mind. His qvevri wines have all of the characteristics of authentic Georgian qvevri wine but with elevated acidity and more rounded tannin.” – (



courtesy of

A typical Georgian wine cellar with the holes in the ground for the qvevri’s.

For more information or to locate a wine shop that sells Georgian Wine visit:, a wine and spirits importer.



Salute! Sante!