About Amoxes Art

“It’s one thing to draw a line and another to feel it.” – Amoxes™


Amoxes Art™ has been sold around the world and is still dedicated in producing creative works for your enjoyment.

Amoxes Art™ offers a variety of artworks for the art enthusiast.   All artworks are made with top quality materials and varnished for ultimate protection. Amoxes Art™ sells originals only.

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AMOXES™ The Art of Smoking, Cuban Experience” 2015 – Amoxes Cuban experience (online portfolio design by Elizabeth Ortega, edited by Tresa J. Amoxes)

The Artist at Work


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“In my veins there is no blood, but only paint.” – Amoxes™


Amoxes’ retired work clothes; the stories they could tell.

Quotes by Amoxes


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Flashback artworks created over 20 years ago


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